Thursday, July 29, 2010


things I wanted to share... (mostly related to breastfeeding but not all)

- its not easy.

- these are the best times of my life so far!

- i would never have changed my decision to breastfeed, pump, breastfeed, co-sleep.

- i will go long periods of time having to pee, but hold it for that sleeping/feeding baby.

- wishes i'd had more confidence in the beginning, it's okay to      breastfeed in public.

- i cant read a book or get online while we nurse, that is unacceptable to Beau. (I would see these cute little baskets for mommy while she nurses.)  Mine was/is water.

- eye contact, the best eye contact in the world.

- its not easy.
- it all works out.

- drink LOTS of water!

- be kind, we all have a story.

- we all make our own decisions.

- everybody has an opinion.

- cherish every moment.

- when you have trouble go back to the basics. (thanks alison) 

just a few things that come to mind i wanted to share.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Beau.

My Little Super Beau!