Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows' Eve...

We ventured out for our first Trick or Treat with Beau and friends.  We had a wonderful time in our little town, it was really ALIVE!  My camera was acting up, but I'll share a few good ones of The Cat in The Hat.  

Beau really did enjoy himself.  I wish I had more photos to share of the neighborhood and friends.  Our little Cat in The Hat really worked out. He even wore the hat for the entire night.

Happy Halloween,


My Tiny Little Hat

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Great Big Postcard Swap!

The Great Big Postcard Swap!

I am really exited!  I just signed up to take part in The Great Big Postcard Swap!
If you want to join HURRY you only have a few days left. Friday Oct 29 is the deadline. I will share my experience.  The theme is HOME.  Lets see if my creativity takes hold...

There is a flickr group from last time.  Creative people out there really showing there stuff. 

aspecialjourneyofmyown is the host so head on over take a look at her blog. If you sign up you also get entered into her giveaway for some fun handmade stitched postcards. So do it, it will be fun, come on!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Movies I can watch over and over and over...

  I love movies. I really don't own very many movies or get to the theater often but I do watch my fair share of TV re-runs.  If these movies are on there is pretty much a guarantee I am watching them or listening to them.

Still to this day I can quote it. 
This movie reminds me of Home and My Dad.

Pride and Prejudice

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet they are timeless and beautiful.
"In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." -Mr. Darcy

Goldy and Kurt, luv them.

Damn you Chris(my fiancĂ©) I hated this movie, I thought it was so dumb. Then I watched it more times than I can count and grew to love it. 
Derek Zoolander: "How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can't even fit inside the building?"
Derek Zoolander: What? Are you here to tell me what a bad eugoogoolizer I am?
Matilda: A what?
Derek Zoolander: A eugoogoolizer... you know one who speaks at funerals.
[Matilda looks at Derek confused]
Derek Zoolander: Or did you think I was too stupid to know what a eugoogooly was?

Groundhogs Day
Okay so I was sure my son Beau would be born on groundhogs day 2/2/09 simply because we have seen this movie so many times! His due date was 2/5 he was born 2/11. I was wrong.

Back2 the Future
I like all 3. I'll watch them all on a TV re-run.

Thomas Crown Affair
Pierce Bronson, Rene Russo, HOT, good music, catchy.

Forrest Gump
This one might be my ALL time favorite movie I just love it.  Everything, every quote, every song, I don't even think I can pick a favorite.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer
I have read all the books and enjoyed them. The movies are not the same as the books but I can still watch them when ever tempted and enjoy them too.

The Goonies
If it's on I am watching it. "haaay you guys"

The Sadlot
When I was I kid I think I watched this movie daily for awhile.
"a pickle"  that cracked me up.

Dirty Dancing
I was and still am Crazy for Swayze.

Princess Bride
"as you wish"  the characters in this movie are priceless need I say more?

I am sure there are plenty more that aren't coming to mind. Disney is not included and I am getting too old for cartoons on my own time. Beau watches them and I sneak in a classic here and there.  We just watched The Jungle Book I think I enjoyed it most. I even remembered most of the songs. 

Food, I want to bake. I have lists of things and it's cool and rainy.  Pumpkin pie, caramel apples, cookies. I just need to get the oven it good working order and I'm back in action.  Stove top things are my game right now... caramel apples are the next adventure. I came across this recipe so tomorrow we will take a go at it or when it's not raining.  No candy making in the rain.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cookies I LOVE!

 I LOVE Cookies, I love all kinds of cookies.  This is a list of my favorites, not in any order.

Chocolate Chip  simple and delightful

French Macaroon a new favorite of mine, must make and try lots of flavors.
Photo courtesy of Daemond's Foods
 Florentines crunchy and yummy goodness
Coconut macaroons made properly not too big, dipped in chocolate
Mexican Wedding Cookies I love them, even with nuts and I don't do nuts

Gingersnap I like them chewy but I'll eat them crunchy too.
Sugar Cookies with Icing good for all seasons and cute

Shortbread So simple or any butter cookie for that matter, yum
Peanut Butter Cookies (with a hershey kiss, even better) 

Pie Dough Cookies with cinnamon sugar (mom made them for me as a kid, mmmm)
Linzer Torte Cookie These were one of my favorites in cooking school 

 Jam Thumbprint Cookie without the coconut for me, I really like any kind of jam cookie too.

Just a few of my favorites.  I will post some recipes to follow.  I love to cook.  I bake almost every day (when my oven wants to be nice, service guy will be out soon).  I'll start to share my baking adventures more often.  I did my first try at French Macaroons this weekend.  First batch was perfect, second not so much.  Trial three still to come.  Made Pumpkin Cookies this morning, oven temp did not behave so they were a little inconstant, but still tasted yummy.  Love Pumpkin Cookies too (no nuts no raisins).


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wonderful Things I Come Across Part 1

I am always cruising around Blog stalking. I come across the most wonderful things,  new ideas to craft, things to buy, yummys to eat, recipes to bake. My bookmarks are out of control.  If only I could organize ALL the tutorials I want to do. One day.

Any whoo, as I was reading my usual randomness of Blogs I like or love or just come across on a random click, click, click I thought I would share just a few...

She has a great blog, I think most of you would enjoy taking a look.  The post I linked made me giggle.

Here are a few others I check out...

bleubirdvintage I just like this one, no explanation.

MaroDesigns "where everything is better on a stick" has the most fun picture props, now I just need a reason for them... hmmmm.

bonnies knitting these are pretty great hats, (on my Christmas List.)

That makes me think, ListsTheresa and I were talking about lists.  I have a few to come.  

  • Adventure List
  • Christmas List
  • To Do List (endless)
  • Book List
  • Things I like on Etsy
Good Night it is getting far to late.



Food Storage

So, I saw these and laughed out loud.  I had to share them.
Anti theft food bag
I know the picture is poor, but I had to get your attention, check them out. This is my first time stalking this sight I saw another blog decor8, she did a much better job presenting the sight.

Hop on over, take a look.  


Friday, October 8, 2010

chicken love

This spring brought five new additions to our home.  We love them very much.  I hadn't always been so fond of flapping wings, but these ladies have grown on me.  They still are not named, merely whitie, brownie, and spotted ones.  They have their own distinguishing marks.  Every Morning I let them out, they run fast as they can from the enclosure flapping thier wings. Honestly I use to run from them. I'd try to be faster so they wouldn't flap near me.  Now, if I just stand there they run past. Much better!

When they were babies, just too cute.

So far they spend their day free range.  They're so fun running around to all of their favorite spots making their rounds, visiting us and Pooping on the porch (BIG problem and not to mention embarrassing).
Mr. B's and The Ladies
Our 1st egg!

We have been checking their laying boxes daily... and yesterday our first laying hens egg.  This is really exiting!  One thing that makes me happy.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Halloween Crafts

I always see the crafty creative people preparing for the seasons.  I love to see the decorations and pretend like I am going to make them too. Then the holiday rolls around and I have yet to do anything holiday craft related (I have a list started for Christmas if will share soon).  

where to go
 Here is the tutorial, these monsters are really easy and cute.  I think I even have all the stuff and might get around to making them 8) 

Happy Crafting... I am going to follow tomorrow with things that make me smile.  There are so many I will start small. 
- B.Free

Saturday, October 2, 2010

cupcake, diapers, and fun.

For the past few weeks we have been exited waiting for the opening of P. Pants and re-opening of Penny Lane. They are a wonderful duo of stores with the finest owners. P. Pants is a new cloth diaper store in Nevada City CA and Penny Lane relocated with them to a beautiful new location.

It was my pleasure to make a few cupcakes for the opening. Their hard work was showcased in their beautiful store opening.  They did a magnificent job!

Penny Lane

P. Pants

Our handsome boys Dylan and Beau.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the front of the building, but you get the idea (the place is super cute).  Check out the store in person if you're local. Farmers market through October on Saturday mornings.  We love them and hope that you will too.  
Much Love -B