Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Number two!

  If you haven't heard already I am expecting a new Baby, arriving at the end of August.  It will be a WARM summer for me, lots of river time I suspect.  We are very exited for this new blessing.  Baby (not nicknamed yet) is already showing with a little baby bump.  I tell Beau, but he doesn't get it, yet.

   I am struggling with weaning Beau.  He is just not taking to it well.  We have made progress so I have high hopes.  It's not that bad, I just feel like I need to be strong for his sake.  Then he looks at me with those truly sad eyes and I just cannot resist.  I have been consistent.  If I say 'No' I mean it and no more night time nursing sessions.! but when he's really serious I just melt (nap time, bed time usually).  It is getting uncomfortable and I am trying to let him know that.  I'm giving him another few weeks since his birthday is coming.  Hope, is that he loses interest, lol.  I had said decided at '2' I would wean him.  So we are still on track.  I do think it is making me extra tired and hungry, maybe my imagination, but I am beat.

I am slowly bringing order to my space around me.  Cleaning up after myself again.  Morning (noon, night) sickness always gets me.  But I had a good day today so again another hopeful event  and I will feel better again.  

We went for a walk yesterday, a beautiful day crisp and clear.  It rained today which was greeted with a smile from me.
 Beau is turning two.  I am not going to have a large party.  Just family.  Both of his Grandmothers will be here, a special day for him.  I am going to make him a cake, maybe even curious George, since that is his most favorite cartoon of ALL time!  I found some balloons at Party City so I will make a trip into 'town' to get them.  I am also going to make Hamburgers and French Fries,  his other favorite (bad I know).  He just loves fries and so do I.  I try to limit my consumption but Chris makes up for what I lack.  Team work. 
Blair Lake, Malakoff Digging

Just love this Kid!

Pops and Beau so handsome

We have our walking sticks.
Much Love to all.  

Monday, January 24, 2011


Today I lack motivation to do anything.  I realize I have neglected my blog.  I am to return soon.  Very soon.   
Truly, BFree

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog Award too sweet

Recently Chrissy made a comment on one of my posts, from that I had 'discovered' her blog. She was so kind to mention me in her most recent post, yesterdays post.  I thank her and pass on the award to my favorite 'smaller' blogs...

Rules to accept this award:

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Our goal is to highlight some newer blogs (not the ones with already hundreds of followers) and introduce them to the blogging world!

I pass this award To:
Scrappy Lackey
She is fun, creative, and cool!
Making a little Kash
Because I love her (the whole family)
The Electric Twist
 The Electric Twist
I follow but rarely comment, but she is pretty cute.

I have been offline and need to catch up on my blog reading. There is so much out there to discover.  Keep reading, following and commenting...


P.S. I need to make a button... note to self.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

I have been absent... now I am online but my computer battery is done.  So my communication may be patchy for awhile...

We even got My Parents out!

 Happy New Year!  May 2011 be prosperous for all.  I celebrated the New Year by being in one of my oldest friends wedding (she is 99, j/k I mean long time friend).  It was a beautiful affair on 1-1-11.  The flowers, black dresses, and red shoes made for glamorous attire.  I love to get all dressed up.  Alicia is a beautiful bride and all of her hard work did not go unnoticed.  We rounded out our evening with a little dancing ( I even think it's documented, me dancing).  I retired early, I was tired and missed my little Beau Bear.  I wish the Newlyweds the BEST and hope they can bring each other happiness.  Much Love to them. Congratulations Alicia and Billy!

Mr. and Mrs. Singleton
One of his most favorite presents.
Our travels home were treacherous.  From San Diego To Ventura it took us five hours in a down poor.  (Grapevine had been closed and thanks to smartphones and GPS we detoured early, but thanks to weather so did everyone else.) In one mile we were able to change our minds from "try to make it to Pismo" optimistic, to 'just give up now and get a room,' we were beat the F@%& up and tired as all hell.  I was able to find a hotel and call them before we made it to the exit.  (My estimate: 1 mile = 20 minutes and I may be being generous.)  So we stopped and restarted early the next morning.  The drive had its challenges but we made it in 10 hours.   The rental company wanted to charge me an extra day, I think he understood I was not in the arguing mood and gave me my quoted rate.   Chris is a ROCK STAR he really drove hard and I was little help.
Home Sweet Home.  I-do-not-want-to-drive-in-a-car-for-awhile.

Beau got to play in the sand in San Diego

I am so thankful to come home to a happy home of well taken care of Pets.  Thanks T and V you are the best.  I really am truly grateful!

Cheers! BFree

P.S. we had a wonderful Christmas and were so glad to see the friends we could!