Friday, October 8, 2010

chicken love

This spring brought five new additions to our home.  We love them very much.  I hadn't always been so fond of flapping wings, but these ladies have grown on me.  They still are not named, merely whitie, brownie, and spotted ones.  They have their own distinguishing marks.  Every Morning I let them out, they run fast as they can from the enclosure flapping thier wings. Honestly I use to run from them. I'd try to be faster so they wouldn't flap near me.  Now, if I just stand there they run past. Much better!

When they were babies, just too cute.

So far they spend their day free range.  They're so fun running around to all of their favorite spots making their rounds, visiting us and Pooping on the porch (BIG problem and not to mention embarrassing).
Mr. B's and The Ladies
Our 1st egg!

We have been checking their laying boxes daily... and yesterday our first laying hens egg.  This is really exiting!  One thing that makes me happy.



  1. Ooo, how cool! I grew up with a pet chicken names scruffy! I got him in an Easter basket when he was just a chick ;) Thanks for turning me on to Blue Bird Vintage--awesome blog and loving it!

  2. @Ashley I am glad you liked that blog, thank you. My chickens really bring me joy.

  3. lovely to have these friends in the garden and heavenly for your child to find the eggs everyday!