Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cookies I LOVE!

 I LOVE Cookies, I love all kinds of cookies.  This is a list of my favorites, not in any order.

Chocolate Chip  simple and delightful

French Macaroon a new favorite of mine, must make and try lots of flavors.
Photo courtesy of Daemond's Foods
 Florentines crunchy and yummy goodness
Coconut macaroons made properly not too big, dipped in chocolate
Mexican Wedding Cookies I love them, even with nuts and I don't do nuts

Gingersnap I like them chewy but I'll eat them crunchy too.
Sugar Cookies with Icing good for all seasons and cute

Shortbread So simple or any butter cookie for that matter, yum
Peanut Butter Cookies (with a hershey kiss, even better) 

Pie Dough Cookies with cinnamon sugar (mom made them for me as a kid, mmmm)
Linzer Torte Cookie These were one of my favorites in cooking school 

 Jam Thumbprint Cookie without the coconut for me, I really like any kind of jam cookie too.

Just a few of my favorites.  I will post some recipes to follow.  I love to cook.  I bake almost every day (when my oven wants to be nice, service guy will be out soon).  I'll start to share my baking adventures more often.  I did my first try at French Macaroons this weekend.  First batch was perfect, second not so much.  Trial three still to come.  Made Pumpkin Cookies this morning, oven temp did not behave so they were a little inconstant, but still tasted yummy.  Love Pumpkin Cookies too (no nuts no raisins).



  1. Man oh man! I wish I brought some of those cookies home with me. I am trying not to be a food monster this week, so I left them at my parents house (They loved them, by the way).

    But seriously...I want one of those soft pumpkin ones with my coffee right now!

    Love you!

  2. Pattie ButterfieldOctober 18, 2010 at 9:30 PM

    Bree, very cute website, so proud of you to be so in tune with what you love! Would love to swap some recipes with you.. got some classics that are so yummy. Baking and cooking are becoming a lost art so keep spreading the love.
    Made a delicious pumpkin layer cake tonite with cream cheese icing.. very moist and not heavy.
    Have Fun.. Love Pattie

  3. I am a bit of a cookie monster myself, and these all lookin YUMMY and amazing!

    Guess what?! You WON the Scensty giveaway on Little Miss Momma!!!!

  4. Chocolate chip is always my favorite kind of cookie too!

  5. Love your blog!!! I love everything that you posted. Planning on trying the chocolate chippers (Ray's fav). I would love to have a baking day with you sometime. I could learn bunches.

  6. Nice blog!

    Those Macaroons look so good I almost dribbled all over my keyboard :)

    Marsy ~ Giddy Fingers

  7. mmm, yummy! i really want to try to make some french macaroons!