Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wonderful Things I Come Across Part 1

I am always cruising around Blog stalking. I come across the most wonderful things,  new ideas to craft, things to buy, yummys to eat, recipes to bake. My bookmarks are out of control.  If only I could organize ALL the tutorials I want to do. One day.

Any whoo, as I was reading my usual randomness of Blogs I like or love or just come across on a random click, click, click I thought I would share just a few...

She has a great blog, I think most of you would enjoy taking a look.  The post I linked made me giggle.

Here are a few others I check out...

bleubirdvintage I just like this one, no explanation.

MaroDesigns "where everything is better on a stick" has the most fun picture props, now I just need a reason for them... hmmmm.

bonnies knitting these are pretty great hats, (on my Christmas List.)

That makes me think, ListsTheresa and I were talking about lists.  I have a few to come.  

  • Adventure List
  • Christmas List
  • To Do List (endless)
  • Book List
  • Things I like on Etsy
Good Night it is getting far to late.




  1. The blog looks beautiful. I thought this might help with the lists.

    love tt


  2. This on a stick are so much better. I love bluebirdvintage. I'm totally a blog stalker too. I love your blog background. :)