Friday, February 19, 2010

Rough and Tough

As a new mom bumps, bruises, and bleeding are all still hard on me. I always worry and think I could have prevented it? Beau has had at least 3 falls in the last 3 weeks that have made him bleed or swell. One brought me to tears. He's a great sport, a little sniffle and he's off to make more trouble. I have to prepare myself for the future falls and the potential that they could be worse. Boys are rough and tough, they get hurt. Darn it. So on that positive note.

A good friend told me a frozen wash cloth was her best teething tool. For me it has been a savior when Beau has fallen and bumped his mouth. He love to chew on the frozen wet cloth and it helps with any swelling. Bravo! Just thought I would pass that on.

On another note... I started a good book. The Lost Symbol Dan Brown. Good book so far, now I just have to find the time to read it. Being a grown up brings such responsibility laundry, dishes, mortgage, blah.

Cheers, Have a great weekend. Do something fun. Take a deep breath.

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