Tuesday, March 9, 2010

time is never lost

As the days pass I often worry about my accomplishments. Not my life accomplishments, but my day to day or week to week. I have come to realize I am just messy and disorganized no matter how hard I try. It is not realistic for me to think I can change over night. Change is a process. I will start slow so I don't hurt myself.

I have these worries... then I sit down holding my son to nurse and all of my worries fall away. As he naps in my arms I forget about the day to day. I live for the moment. I remember I don't have to rush, these are the best times of my life. All of my worries wash away when he is in my arms. This is the time I will cherish, he can nap the house can get messier, it is okay. Time is never lost.

Creativity comes and goes for me. I don't often find time to dedicate to a project. I buy new patterns, fabrics, yarns with every intention of completing the project. I buy flower seeds and plants that never get planted. This is my Spring. I am going to walk, be creative, love my family and mostly likely neglect my house.


  1. Yes, enjoy every day while he is young and learning new things and growing. They grow up so fast and then they move and start they're own families! You think that time is sooooo far away, but it's not!

  2. You've accomplished so much! Look at that amazing little man! You've never been "super organized" or you wouldn't be you. Everything has it's place, things are clean enough, you're not a white-glove kind of girl, or chances are we couldn't be friends. Your living space has always been full of love, warmth, and creativity, from the time you made hat bands, to scrunchies, to baked goods. It's all with love mama!