Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am so behind

I am working on...

- A swap journal
- Swaps (several)
- An ornament swap
- Christmas cards
- Shopping
- Headpieces for Best Friends Wedding

is that all, I know there is more or maybe there is just more I am thinking of.

My new favorite Christmas song...
Fionna Apple 'Frosty the Snowman'  and of course Elf is on repeat from now until?  My phones ring tone is 'Santa Baby'.  Small tree this year and fake.  But I am going out of town on Christmas day and did not want to miss out on a 'tree'  it is perfect and beautiful.  No decoration, not sure Beau will allow for them this year.  But we have lights!  

It's been cold.  Beau is wonderful. 

My car will be back, I guess that's my Christmas present, seems I keep getting 'practical' gifts.  But I sure do miss it especially with the Winter on approach.   

Funny Story (well to me):  I pulled up to the grocery store when we got back from San Diego, it was really cold and most of the county was out of power.   We luckily got power back after 24 hours, other parts of the county not so lucky... but anywhoo... The grocery store parking lot was filled with the largest Power repair trucks I have ever seen, lifted trucks and SUVs.  I pulled up in my lowered Mazda, I was the ONLY car in the parking lot.  My windshield was level with the grill of a Ford truck parked in the lot.  If I had been thinking I would have taken a picture.  I laughed out loud at the sight of my tiny car amongst all of the lifted trucks and SUV's.  Time for the Subaru to come home so I can feel at home again on the road.

I really have not even thought about Christmas shopping. I am going to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco so I am hoping I can get it done there... but I am cutting it close to Christmas.  I have a list started.  Daddy and Beau have birthdays right after Christmas too.

I'm also patiently waiting for my Postcard to come in the mail from the handmade swap. I want it to come!

Happy Holidays!

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