Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Clause is Coming to Town...

My to do list is out of control, I start one project just to remember another or find a better idea.  My scattered brain doesn't help!

1.  Gingerbread cookie dough
2.  Sugar cookie dough
3.  Frosting/icing
4.  Black 'pettiskirt' slip
5.  Knit**
6.  Sew fabric ball
7.  Bake/Decorate cookies
8.  Christmas cards
9.  Print pictures
10. Prepare for Holiday travels
11. Christmas shop
12. Finish wedding hair pieces
13. Finish other Holiday projects
14. Renegade Craft Fair SF (I am so exited)

Yes there is a rock in his hand.
I am holding off on most Christmas shopping so that I can buy at the craft fair, I know last minute anyone?  But I figure I will finish my shopping at the local 'downtown' stores after the fair.  Now what to get my Honey??? He is easy to shop for and that can even be harder too many choices. I have Beau covered. 

Santa is coming to Penny Lane and P.P. Pants TODAY 12-2:30  bring your own camera, fun times!  Beau's first Santa experience.



  1. I have mini goals on my to-do list so I feel more accomplished. For instance, instead of "write 9 pages of paper" I have "write 3 pages" three times on my list. This is going to be a crazy busy week! Can't wait for the weekend.

    Love you!

  2. I am the same way! I keep thinking of more to do, and my list keeps growing. Enjoy the craft fair. What fun.