Tuesday, December 21, 2010

and the Holidays continue...

I have had a grand plan... I would be together by now... not happening. Made cookies, ate them, gave minimal away (best gingerbread cookies ever!). Last night I made candied almonds, marshmallows, and ale caramels.  First batch of caramels, I got distracted and made a weird hard version of itself (trashed), I hate throwing away stuff I make even if it is not good.

1.  Gingerbread cookie dough
2.  Sugar cookie dough
3.  Frosting/icing
4.  Black 'pettiskirt' slip (dye for 3rd time)
5.  Knit**
6.  Sew fabric ball
7.  Bake/Decorate cookies
8.  Christmas cards
9.  Print pictures
10. Prepare for Holiday travels
11. Christmas shop
12. Finish wedding hair pieces
13. Finish other Holiday projects
14. Renegade Craft Fair SF (I am so exited)

Renegade Craft Fair... I will be there next year, a lot of fun, wonderful crafts and A LOT of people!!!
Beau Last Christmas... he has grown so much!

Beau loves candy canes!

A smiling picture with Santa.

note: I crossed off Christmas cards and no one is going to get one.... that's right I did not send them. I suck!

The last two post by Little Miss Momma made me laugh, I am going to link a list once I get a chance to make one hopefully by later today!

I am lucky to have my shopping together, my house is a disaster as usual.  I am going to catch up before I leave.  I swear!


Ornament swap... I made these, and really liked them. I hope there recipients like them too!

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